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To help me identify the problem with your device, inquire or book the repair online and speed-up the process, please provide as many details as possible.
Alternatively, please call me (Jerry) on +61 0466 544 068  or send me an email to service@allelectronicsrepairs.com.au

TERMS & CONDITIONS (all repairs)
  1. ALL ELECTRONICS REPAIRS requires a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit before commencing any work.
  2. The cost of Client-authorized purchase of NEW parts/components required for the attempted repair WILL be added to this deposit, even if the overall repair is unsuccessful.
    $60 Parts Order Deposit (refundable - less the cost of new parts) MUST be paid BEFORE the parts are ordered.

  3. A $60/hour fee for repair/rebuild of damaged circuit board traces (tracks) and/or pads WILL be added to this deposit, even if the overall repair is unsuccessful.

  4. All tested working SECONDHAND parts are free of charge.

  5. Nowadays, most of new devices are designed to be irreparable by means of using pre-programmed or non-standard components, enclosing them in non-openable cases, etc. The manufacturers do not want their devices to be repaired.
    They want the Clients to purchase new ones.

    In the attempt to repair them, we will exercise full duty of care, knowledge, and experience to service the device to the best of our ability but in case of any unforeseeable circumstances (e.g., obscure and/or unusual construction, accidental damage to temperature sensitive parts, etc.)
    ALL ELECTRONICS REPAIRS will NOT be liable for any damage done to the device.

  6. ALL ELECTRONICS REPAIRS can NOT guarantee the preservation of data stored on devices handed in for repair.

  7. All successful repairs carry 3 months warranty on performed repairs ONLY unless the consecutive fault is caused by an unauthorized tampering or improper or negligent use of the device after successful repair.

  8. ALL ELECTRONICS REPAIRS will keep Client’s device for up to 3 (three) months after the “ready for pick -up” notification (does NOT apply to mail-in repairs). Any device not collected after this time will be treated as abandoned and disposed of to our discretion.

All Electronics Repairs
18/80 Burnett Street, Buderim
+61 0466 544 068
All Electronics Repairs
Logo of All Electronics Repairs
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